Affiliates and Partners

The Weatherall Group LLC is committed to meeting the needs of senior management, and is pleased to be affiliated with the following professional service providers:

SPECIALCHEM – Connect – Innovate – Accelerate

SpecialChem accelerates Technology and Business Development in chemicals.

Founded in April 2000, we provide strategic digital marketing solutions in chemical and material value chains to accelerate innovation in new markets, and growth in core businesses.

Our team of industry experts manages the world’s largest online industry network having gathered over 500,000 scientists, formulators, engineers, marketers and designers globally. Our online community provides us with broad access to innovations, market trends and technical knowledge, as well as business connections to people beyond their usual networks. They are in turn an invaluable asset to perform high-value services for chemicals and materials suppliers aiming at:

SpecialChem is focused on five specialty chemical value chains: Plastics and Elastomers, Polymer Additives, Coatings and Inks, Adhesives and Sealants, and Cosmetics.

James M. Weatherall currently serves as Global Vice President, New Business Development, at SpecialChem S.A.. In this capacity, he is focused on assisting new and existing clients in North America with their global new business development programs.

For more information, visit the SpecialChem S.A. website at: