The Weatherall Group supports clients worldwide with their business intelligence, global market research design, project management, team training, and related needs.  Specialties include:

Innovation support

  • I enjoy working with clients to ensure the success of their innovation programs, as well as learning new and different things and meeting new and interesting people. I serve on the Board of a non-profit industry group (CM&E Group), and have been active in several NYC-area industry groups that are dedicated to fostering innovation, networking and knowledge sharing of marketing, economic and business issues facing the global chemical and related industries.

Market research design

  • Many companies in the chemicals and materials industry have either downsized or eliminated their in-house market research talent.  As a result, many chemical industry business leaders do not have extensive, first-hand experience in designing and managing market research initiatives. 
  • For clients who are planning to conduct global or regional market research programs, we can provide expert support in designing a market research program to best meet their needs, including:
    • Creating the request for proposal (RFP)
    • Determining selection criteria
    • Identifying appropriate consulting firms from which to solicit proposals
    • Reviewing proposals for fit with clients’ criteria

Project management

  • There is definitely an acquired skill to managing global market research project teams, as well as global industry practices. 
  • We are prepared to provide clients with expert advice and support in designing, managing, and executing their upcoming market research engagements.
  • We believe in maintaining close and candid communication with our clients in order to better understand their needs.  We always strive to deliver objective analysis and effective recommendations for our clients.

Team leadership

  • One of the aspects of leadership that I have enjoyed the most has been working with people with diverse skills and cultural backgrounds.  I have successfully grown and led multiple global industry practice teams.  
  • I also created an entirely new global sales organization, which involved recruiting, training, and nurturing key client relations executives in multiple geographic regions.  
  • I am comfortable either in an office setting, or in a virtual work environment.  I am also a huge fan of Webex and Skype for hosting virtual work sessions with team members in multiple global locations.

General management

  • Over the course of my career, I have developed extensive executive management experience, having had responsibility for growing revenue and profitability for much of that time.  I am business and results focused, and a proven problem solver.
  • I have developed and communicated the vision and strategy that had transformed the business unit I was leading into a sustainable and competitive global business.  This required critical changes in our business processes, and developing new products and services to meet our clients’ continuously evolving business intelligence needs. 

Training and Facilitation

  • One of the elements of my work that I have greatly enjoyed has been my interaction with senior management at client organizations worldwide.  We have facilitated work sessions and meetings with senior management to communicate and internalize project results. 
  • For clients who are undertaking large industrial market research projects, we are also prepared to guide and train their internal teams on how to plan, organize and conduct successful regional and global industrial market research projects.
  • In particular, we have extensive experience in training project staff located worldwide on the effective use of such insight-rich techniques as primary field research, and analyzing the results to generate actionable plans based on real-world market conditions.

Problem solving

  • My background has prepared me to be an experienced problem solver, and I am prepared to identify and initiate changes as needed in order to keep clients’ projects and internal management initiatives on track.  
  • I am pragmatic and results-driven, and believe in working collaboratively to build consensus before undertaking final decisions.     

Knowledge management

  • One of the most significant challenges facing global business teams is effective knowledge management.  Our experience in managing a global market research reports business has prepared me to assist clients with implementing successful global knowledge management practices.